Closing the Skills Gap

We're committed to delivering relevant and innovative education and training that specifically addresses the needs of industry, prepares students for success and helps advance California’s economy.

A Clear Opportunity

The Retail, Hospitality and Tourism (RHT) sectors employ over 3 million people in California and are expected to add an additional 347,000 jobs by 2017. This rapid growth combined with the large number of workers already employed in these sectors, creates an opportunity for the California Community Colleges to provide diverse educational pathways that develop skilled candidates fully prepared to fill open jobs in the RHT industry.

Pathway to Success

We are working with business and industry, trade organizations, and economic development agencies to advance, align and adjust programs and create a pipeline of skilled workers ready to grow in a career in the retail, hospitality and tourism sector. Through enhanced partnerships and programs, we are committed to the following:

  • Upgrade Onsite Workforce Skills Instruction 
  • Enhance Job Retention, Career Readiness and Career Advancement
  • Improve Productivity through Basic Workforce Skills Training

The Bay Region

The San Francisco Bay Region is comprised of 28 community colleges, 13 of which already offer at least an Associate’s Degree or Certificate Program in a Retail, Hospitality or Tourism-related field. The Bay Region RHT Initiative works to facilitate existing programs and initiate new ones while building cohesive educational opportunities across the Bay Region Community Colleges. We do this by assessing the current landscape, aligning program standards and curriculum, and providing the resources necessary to launch a successful and comprehensive Retail, Hospitality and Tourism program.


From a Wine Studies program created in partnership with a local winery, to baking and pastry courses offered in conjunction with a restaurant management program, and a Travel Marketing program offered completely online so it’s accessible to students from all over California, it's clear we have a wide range of engaging and unique career pathway programs that help students find jobs and fit the needs of students, industry and the economy.

The Bay Region RHT Initiative is funded in part by:

Closing the skills gap

in the Retail, Hospitality

& Tourism industry.

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