Industry Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming an RHT Industry Partner in any of the following capacities, please contact Andrea Vizenor.

Serve as an industry expert on our advisory board: Attend 1-5 meetings per year to provide input on future classroom curriculums and training programs and to offer insight into your industy landscape. 

Adopt a college, a district, or an industry sector: Commit to help a particular district with many of the areas listed below.

Become a Guest Speaker in classrooms: Speak about experiences related to your own career and what students need to do to prepare for the world of work related to your industry sector. 

Participate in Career Day presentations: Many colleges choose a particular day each year to invite speakers from each industry sector to speak to students about the skills needed to work in that sector. 

Host a fieldtrip at your site: Bring students to your place of business so they can see and learn about future jobs in your particular industry sector. 

Provide donations of supplies or materials for classrooms: New or used supplies provide students “hands on” experience training on equipment they may use in future jobs in your industry sector. (eg: computer software, POS systems, banquet equipment) 

Participate in Job Shadow days: Allow students to come to your work site one day a year to shadow employees in different jobs. 


Support student organizations: Some student organizations compete in local, state and national competition. You can support by conducting role plays, assisting with classroom projects, or providing financial aid for students. 

Provide technical advice/training to teachers or students: Assist faculty with knowledge and training on the best software or hardware integration of technology into their programs. 

Engage in email mentorships: Students are starving for relationships with adults. You can help by assisting with classroom projects, allowing students to seek assistance via email. 

Create scholarships for students: Businesses can contribute financially to help leverage grant funding for Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism activities for students


Provide internships for students: Businesses can provide students work experience by offering a paid or unpaid “hands-on” learning experience in Retail, Hospitality and Tourism. 


Closing the skills gap

in the Retail, Hospitality

& Tourism industry.

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