Middle & High School Programs

We have identified Retail, Hospitality and Tourism career exploration tools and assessments for Middle School and High School Counselors to use with their students. In order to prepare Counselors to implement these programs, we will provide Professional Development opportunities for Counselors and Administrators to learn more about the Retail Hospitality and Tourism Career Pathway.


Career Café is also an excellent tool for teachers and counselors to find useful classroom and counseling resources. The Café offers a variety of resources that can help Middle School, High School and College students explore potential career pathways and spark a serious conversation about their future. Resources include insightful video clips from industry experts, exercises to help prepare for interviews, a career search checklist, and sample career profiles. 

Middle School Programs

For Middle School level students, we are creating RHT Career Pathway courses that sequence into High School programs. By creating programs that target students just as they are beginning to consider their career options, we hope to alert students to exciting and viable career pathways. Our goal is to assist educational partners and students in indentifying career pathway options that lead to an exciting career. If you are interested in hosting a middle school career exploration day at your school, please contact Andrea Vizenor.


Check out additional resources for Middle School teachers, counselors and students here.

High School Programs

For High School level students, we are creating RHT Career Pathway courses that sequence to Community College Programs; some of these courses will also be UC-approved. Our goal is to develop courses that will align with Common Core Standards, Career Technical Education Standards, and Community College Articulation and potentially meet UC A-G requirements. We are committed to providing opportunities for students that assist with College and Career Readiness Initiatives.


Check out additional resources for High School teachers, counselors and students here.

Get Involved

We would welcome your involvement in our efforts.If you are interested, please contact Andrea Vizenor.


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