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The Bay Region Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Deputy Sector Navigator Grant Initiative led and was able to secure a multi-college grant proposal to obtain $130,000 of the 40% CTE Enhancement funding to develop distance education courses in the Hospitality and Tourism career pathway. Participating colleges include: Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College, Monterey Peninsula College, Napa Valley College, Skyline College, Mission College, Cabrillo College, Santa Rosa Junior College, and City College of San Francisco.


This project will provide the resources needed to develop necessary training components to best prepare students for the wide variety of career segments in Hospitality and Tourism industry. With this work it will equip Bay Region Community Colleges with additional offerings that provide increased value to students who are transferring to a 4-year institution in Hospitality and Management or preparing in Community Colleges for supervisory and mid-management positions. In addition, this project provides a platform for greater program alignment within Bay Region Community Colleges and CSU Institutions.

An brief overview of the scope of work:

1) Funding for curriculum/program development for *4-5 Core classes (online/distance education) that align with CSU Hospitality and Tourism Management Programs (Essentially building local /regional Associate Transfer Tracks) creating greater alignment of our programs with 4-year institutions and increased opportunities for our students in the segment areas listed above. This proposal would also include professional development for faculty interested in teaching these courses and a regional marketing campaign for these opportunities. * these courses are already identified within CSU programs.


2.) Funding for regional Sustainable Hospitality program development. To include: curriculum development (2-3 courses that align/will articulate with CSU programs along with professional development for faculty who would be teaching these courses.


Additional information regarding one-time CTE Enhancement Funding can be found here: http://doingwhatmatters.cccco.edu/WEDDGrants/CTEEnhancementFunds.aspx

Conference Call and Meeting Information:


August 28, 2015:  Initial Conference Call


October 30, 2015:  Grant Kick-Off Session @ Miramar Farms

This session also included the following work-based learning and professional development experiences:

  • H & T Anywhere Project Overview & Kick-Off
  • Employer Insight: A look @ Miramar Farms mission and commitment to corporate wellness and sustainable meeting planning shared by owner Jayne Battey
  • Introduction to the learning management system "Canvas"
  • A look at Online Rubrics and their impact on course design and delivery


November 11-13, 2015: H & T Anywhere: Curriculum Development Institute. This session also included the following work-based learning and professional development experiences:

  • How to use backwards design principles to develop online course learning objectives
  • Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Distance Education
  • Summative Assessments & Student Competence
  • Planning, Sequence and Stacking approaches to online course design


March 17-18: H & T Anywhere: Curriculum Development Institute
This session included the following work-based learning and professional development experiences:

  • A closer look at H & T course content, activities, and assessments
    • Introduction to Food and Beverage Management, Introduction to Food and Beverage Management, Hotel Operations, Hospitality Law, Hospitality Cost Control and Sanitation and Safety.
  • Interactive, Innovation and High Quality Resource Search


April 13th:  

Disney Institute: Quality Service Training


Participant learning outcomes include:

    Adapt time-tested Disney business insights to assess and improve your organization.

    Determine how you can differentiate your service to become a provider of choice.

    Design quality service standards to create a consistent service experience.

    Use tools to gauge the needs, wants, stereotypes and emotions of your customers at an individual level.

    Understand the processes necessary to develop a culture that consistently delivers exceptional service.

*   Recover effectively from a service failure and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.


May 6th:  

"Train-the-Trainer" Workshop

This professional development session will showcase strategies for building an effective CTE pathway bridge from Adult School to Community College CTE programs.  While this session will highlight a hospitality and tourism bridge program, it will be shared from the lens and approach that can be adopted to any CTE pathway/program.

We are happy to announce our guest speakers: 

    Andrea Vizenor: Deputy Sector Navigator - Bay Region: Retail, Hospitality and Tourism

    Serena Chu-Mraz: Professor English for Speakers of Other Languages - Skyline College

    William Durden: Policy Associate, Basic Education for Adults - Washington Community and Technical Colleges

With an emphasis on support services, design & mapping, and lessons learned, this session will provide great insight in building a high quality bridge experience for adult school students to careers and college.





May 31st-June 2nd:

H & T Anywhere Curriculum Development Institute 

Hilton SFO Airport Hotel

Agenda will follow



June 20th-June 22nd:  

CTE Faculty Training Institute

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Hilton SFO Airport Hotel

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Work-based Learning

Q & A Panel with Hyatt Managers:  Participants had the opportunity to speak with and hear from management staff of the Hyatt Monterey.  In this session, participants learned about: 1.) specific skills gaps of new-hires and existing staff 2.) new and emerging career areas 3.) specific information about trends impacting the hotel and lodging industry 4.) insight around the importance of soft-skill training and skill attainment of community college students.


Monterey Bay Aquarium:  A look at culinary concepts and approach to delivery and an interactive session that modeled the use of engaging and tangible teaching strategies.


Asilomar Conference Grounds and Lodging:  A behind the scenes tour of the property and a look at sustainable hospitality best practices and interactive discussion session.


Job Shadow Experience with Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront and DoubleTree San Francisco Airport: Participants had the opportunity to experience and expose themselves to various departments at each hotel. Participants were able to shadow the following: General Manager, Front Desk, Executive Chef, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage/Banquets Department, and Engineering Department.

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