UC Curriculum Integration Institute

The Bay Region Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Initiative has joined forces with the Bay Region Small Business Sector to develop innovative courses that integrate core academic subjects with Career Technical Education, these courses will be available for any high school in California to teach.


This strategic partnership with University of California Curriculum Integration (UCCI) will expand opportunities for applied learning throughout California, so students can prepare for college while they explore potential careers in hospitality, tourism and recreation.


Bay Region RHT, Bay Region Small Business and UCCI will be hosting an institute facilitated by UCCI staff that will focus on the creation of three hospitality, tourism and recreation courses that will integrate UC Math ("c"), Spanish ("e") and History ("a") academic credit.

Apply to Attend the UCCI Institute

We are looking for interested high school, community college and CSU educators that specialize in the following areas:

  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
  • Business & Finance (particularly entrepreneurship)
  • Spanish
  • History
  • Math

Teams of six educators will work together over a two and a half day period to create innovative curriculum. Stipends will be paid to attendees along with some accommodation for travel.

Please inquire with us for our next session of the UCCI Institute.

Download the Webinar Powerpoint

UCCI Webinar Presentation
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