Gain Hands-On Industry Experience

Workplace learning opportunities provide a valuable platform for students to gain hands-on industry experience. Workplace learning includes job shadows, internships, workplace tours, guest speaker workshops and workplace simulation competitions. Bay Region RHT is continually forging partnerships that provide exciting opportunities for students and a pipeline of potential candidates for industry.


Bay Region RHT recruits and sources summer high school interns and fall and spring college interns for hands on workplace learning experiences throughout the Bay Region. We work closely with hospitality organizations to connect students with workforce training and provide exciting learning opportunities for students interested in a career in hospitality.

  • For summer high school opportunities, please check out our
    High School Workplace Learning Opportunities page.
  • For college internships, please check out our 
    College Workplace Learning Opportunities page.

If your company is interested in creating a workplace learning experience for interested hospitality students please contact Andrea Vizenor, Deputy Sector Navigator.

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